Typical Applications• Acid transfer• Brine• Chemical processing• Petrochemical processing• Corrosive services• Food and beverage processing• Hydrocarbon processing• Pharmaceuticals• Polymers• Pulp and paper• Seawater• Slurries• Solvents• Steel and primary metals• Water and wastewater treatment
2023/08/25 09:27
Our centerline supported end-suction single-stage centrifugal process pumps are designed to stand high temperature especially in demanding industrial hot liquid pumping applications.Main benefitsLong and trusted experience in all industrial segmentsExcellent performanceExceeds standard requirements…
2024/05/17 16:00
 The working principle of the engine water pump: Through the belt pulley to drive the pump bearing and the impeller to rotate, the cooling liquid in the pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together, and is thrown to the edge of the pump shell under the effect of Centrifugal Force, at the same…
2021/12/07 14:51
Our pumps could be 100% interchangeble with leading enterprise's model.Wet ends material could be customized.Mechanical seal material could be customized.Pls feel free to contact me if you have any requests.
2022/07/19 15:24
CASING• Bonus casing thickness: Class 150 pumps feature Class 300 wall thickness as standard; increased reliability and maximized casing life.• Top centerline discharge for air handling, self venting.• Back pull-out design for ease of maintenance.• Integral casing feet prevent pipe load…
2023/11/17 15:12
We could customize seals and parts for various kinds of pumps as per drawing or sample, if any needs, pls contact me for pricing.
2022/02/24 13:54
Water leakage (water leakage is split into minor and excessive) minor water leakage will best depart traces of coolant coloration on the vent of the water pump. the severe trouble is direct water leakage, which ends up in excessive water temperature after lack of coolant.Weak circulating capacity:…
2022/12/08 10:24
Our pumps are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pulp&paper, primary metals, food & beverage and generalindustries and they can replace leading brand's one.Contact me if you have any requests.
2023/06/15 17:08
Our 3X4-13 parts are installed and running perfectly in our customer's factory... Many thanks for the feedback.If you have any needs, pls let me know for pricing.
2024/03/01 16:51
Our APP pumps could be 100% interchangeble with leading brand's ones.Pls contact me for quotation.
2022/04/18 16:14
This series is designed for heavy duty refinery services, petrochemical plants and offshore services. It's designed according to API 610 and API 682.Pressure 50 bar/725 psiTemperature 425℃/800FPls contact me for quotation if any needs.
2023/09/01 15:22
Main applicationsBooster pumps for medium size boiler feed water units in conventional thermal and combined cycle power stationsHot water circulation pumps in district heating plants and boiler circulation in industrial power generationAuxiliary pumps in conventional and renewable thermal power…
2024/05/24 17:01