Sandmaster series pumps

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The compact and adaptable Sandmaster centrifugal pump includes virtually all of the features of the Magnum I. Sandmaster are more compact in design and can be adapted for hydraulic motor drive. These features make Sandmaster pumps ideal for use in applications such as oilfield frac trucks as well as blending and pump charging for water well drilling applications.


All parts for these pumps are identical to the Magnum excepts for the frame and shaft. The frame and shaft have been shortened 4'' to reduce the length of the pump. When space is a premium and prime mover options are limited, the Sandmaster is the pump of choice.


Common applications include:


Charge Pump


Waterwell Drilling

Other Mobile uses


Available sizes:

3x2x13 6x5x14 4x3x13

8x6x11 5x4x14 8x6x14

6x5x11 10x8x14